We would like to introduce ourselves: ‘Graniti Building Materials L.L.C’, as one of the leading suppliers of Ceramic and Porcelain tiles in the United Arab Emirates since 1993.

Working in close contact with designers, consultants, contractors and developers as well as taking into consideration the diverse range of tastes of our clientele, we have carefully chosen the highest quality Ceramics and Porcelain from major factories in China, Indonesia and Europe.  Our own brand known as Elina Ceramics and Porcelain, carries exclusive products thoroughly selected to match all kinds of trends and budgets and also provides total solutions for any kind of project.

Elina provides the following products and services:


-          Glazed Porcelain: A wide range of the latest designs in glazed porcelain tiles  

for internal and external usages.

-          Polished Tiles: In soluble salts, double loading polished and matt finish in first and second generation, and full body polished tiles.

-          Ceramic wall and floor tiles:  in all sizes, 10x10, 15x15, 30x30, 33x33, 45x45, 50x50 and 30x60.

-          Glass Mosaics: a wide variety of glass mosaics, crystal glass and a combination of glass with natural stones.


-          A total solution for the latest and complete collection of ceramics and porcelain under one brand.

-          High quality materials with competitive and reasonable prices produced in the most advanced factories in China, Indonesia, and Europe.

-          Our own team carries the inspection of all the materials prior to any shipment to ensure the highest quality and specifications.

-          Complete project support, proposals and solutions to match budgets and concepts designs.

-          Exclusivity agreements and marketing tools to ensure a high quality brand name.

In view of the above, we decided to expand our business and share our years of experience in projects supply and solutions as well as sourcing out the highest quality materials with potential partners worldwide.  

Our web site will give you a brief idea about our latest products, so have a look and feel free to contact us anytime.